3-Day Emergency Food Bars

survival rations

I keep several different survival food options in my Bug Out Bag (BOB).  The Grizzly Gear Emergency Food Rations are one of those items.  They will give you about 1,200 calories per day, and keep you going till the crisis is over, or you reach your Bug Out Destination, where your main food rations are kept.   On that note, Wise Foods are my choice for longer term survival situations.  Back the Grizzly Gear product.  Like I said, good product.  Tastes good, kinda got a bit of a lemon taste to me. I would recommend two packages per person per three day requirement, just in case.
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Grizzly Gear Food Rations

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Grizzly Gear Food Rations

Weight of product


    Ease of Use







          • Lighter than can goods or MRE's
          • Taste good
          • Great for short term use


          • None, product performs as advertised

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