The Humble Nail


As a prepper, I’m always looking for new ideas, gadgets and such to write about, or to include in my own daily prepper lifestyle.  We work hard to make sure our Bug Out Bag (BOB) has everything we could ever possibly need in the event we should have to actually use them.  Just when we think we got it, someone thinks of something we don’t have.  Yep, today, that’s just what happened.  I was surfing the web looking for ideas and such, when I stumbled across The Canadian Prepper on Youtube.  He recommends including an assortment of nails and eye hooks in your Bug Out Bag.  I thought I had a very well outfitted Bug Out Bag.  Weighting in at close to 60 pounds, and equipped with all but the kitchen sink!  Then I watch his video on the uses of the ordinary nail.  Check out his video below, and don’t forget to head over to his channel, The Canadian Prepper, and take a look at the other videos he has posted.


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Marty was born in Eastern Kentucky, and is from a generation that played in the mountains and woodlands growing up, social media and computers simply did not exist. He is retired from the military, and has practiced survival and kept in touch with his backwoods heritage for over 50 years now.

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