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One topic that doesn’t come up often around the campfire is personal hygiene.  Admit it, when was the last time you were sipping a cold one with your buddies somewhere in the wilds of America, and someone asked “what you got in your bag for number two”?  For years I carried bulky rolls of typical toilet paper, with the cardboard tubes removed, and smashed flat and stuffed into a sandwich bag.  I’m willing to bet many of you have or are currently doing just that.  Well let me enlighten you.  If you could carry a typical weeks worth of toilet paper to handle that urge to go, in a small water proof container about the size of a pack of Lifesavers candy, wouldn’t you be smiling from ear to ear? Of course you would!  You can do just that.  Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes.  Basically, it’s toilet paper compressed into tiny wafers about the size of a Lifesaver.  All you do is dunk in water, and the tablet unfolds and is ready to use.  It is cellulose based, and fully bio-degradable, making them environment friendly.  You get a very sturdy towelette that can be used not only for your restroom needs, but any cleaning need you would normally choose a wet nap for.


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Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes

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Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes

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