Choosing the Best Food for your Survival Needs

Your Bug Out Bag (BOB) is finally just the way you want it.  Protection for your family taken care of.  Your shelter makes everyone envious.  So, what do you plan on eating during an extended stay in your pride and joy?

There are several options on the selection of nutritional foods for sustaining yourself and your family during an extended crisis.  From store shelf items, to Military Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), to freeze dried, packaged meals.  All have their advantages and disadvantages.  Everyday store shelf items are cheaper, but shelf life is typically shorter.  MRE’s have a twenty-five-year shelf life, but can leave a bit to be desired as far as taste and comfort goes.  Freeze dried and packaged foods are more expensive, but have a twenty year or more shelf life, and are designed for ease of use.

So, which food source is the best solution?  I utilize all three in my shelter.

We keep about seven days of normal grocery shelf goods in our shelter, that gets rotated out twice a year into the household.  In a weather event, or short-term emergency, we will continue eating our normal way.

Being retired from the military, I have seen my share of MRE’s.  At last inventory, we have ten cases of these meals.  (They come twelve meals to a case) I like them. The shelf life is greater than twenty-five years.  For the most part, all the meals taste good.  If you must eat them for an extended period though, they can grow tiresome on your pallet.  This is my second line of nutrition for my family, and would be used for emergency events lasting up to a month.  You can purchase them at some military surplus stores, as well as online.  I get mine from Amazon-Meals Ready to Eat.

My final source is pre-packaged, freeze dried foods.  These are designed and packaged for taste, ease of use, and long-term storage.  My choice is Wise Food Storage.  They have everything you need to ensure proper nutrition, without feeling like your camping.  When you’re in an extended survival situation, good tasting, as well as good looking food is an absolute must.  Most of their products are prepared by simply adding boiling water, and letting it set for ten or fifteen minutes.  The food looks and tastes great.

In addition to food, you need to allow for at least one gallon of water per person, per day.  You can also get this in foil pouches from Amazon, as well as from Wise Food Storage.  We collect and maintain 5,000 gallons of rain water for bathing, cleaning drinking purposes.  This water is treated for drinking purposes.  For us, that equates to five years supply of water, however, we alternate between two 2,500-gallon tanks, so that our supply is continually fresh.

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Marty was born in Eastern Kentucky, and is from a generation that played in the mountains and woodlands growing up, social media and computers simply did not exist. He is retired from the military, and has practiced survival and kept in touch with his backwoods heritage for over 50 years now.

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